Dear Tree Hugger,

LRBC Granola*

We are now making and selling our own granola. While we've had a wonderful run with our friends at the lovely Crema Bakery (you and your granola we simply adore and you've never failed us, not once!), we are feeling ready to take on the pursuit of our own happiness-er- I mean granola. We scoured several recipes and played around with ingredients in our head plenty of times before finally making our first batch. Leave it to my dear and beloved sister to have the secret ingredient. It only took two batches of this maple-flax deliciousness for us all to be convinced: We Got It. And this is where we all say to Tara: Ah shucks, thanks Sis. (Or if you're us: We love you, big ups and lots o' XO to you and yours.) So, without further ado, beginning tomorrow, LRBC Granola will be for sale by the lb.

Ali, Alice, AnnMarie, Dekin, Dylan, Evan, Julia, Kris, Kyle, Logan, Madeline, Marly, Ray, and Zeus

P.S. In other unrelated yet still along the same line of exciting news (for us anyways,) Caesar is staying with us for the weekend. Everyone, say hello to Caesar. Caesar, meet the Blog:
Caesar Anjou Felip Monroe

*Vegan (yes, delicious granola made without butter!) Featuring: maple-glazed oats, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pepitas, and other awesomeness literally brought from our family to yours.


kati said...

looking forward to trying the new granola!

btw, i'm kati. while you were on your break, you caught me strapping lola into her car seat today after getting a latte. i was using more baby talk than i like people to hear :)

Tim D. Roth said...

I wanted to comment on the granola, but Caesar stole my attention. So effin' cute! But could you send me some of your granola please? Maybe open an LRBC online shop?

Anonymous said...

picked up a lb of the granola today and i have to say... wow! perfect crunch and crisp to sweet ratio. well done. my hats off to you and your sis! funny story though. i was chomping away on it as i was packing to spend the weekend in seattle with my future in laws. i'm gonna back up for a sec and add that a month ago i cancelled my appt with the dentist for a crown cause i couldnt be bothered. fast forward to tonight and i just made an emergency call to my dentist for her to open on the weekend and meet me at the office in the morning cause i shattered my tooth. seriously. i'm most upset not that i had to cancel my weekend plans but that there's a delicious lb of granola i can't even eat! only wine for now. i may be in for some of your delicious chili tomorrow though, since that may be all i can gum. as for the tooth, please dont think its the granola! this has been coming for some time now! i even get a new tooth out of this. if my desire for your granola, even after my misfortunate plight, doesn't help sell your product then smack my ass and call me sally!