3 G's
Cocktail featuring Gin, (Concord) Grape Juice, And Ginger Beer

On days off like today, when you are not spending your morning in I-5 traffic to get to a Dr.'s appointment in Lake Grove (aka opposite end of the Earth from N. Portland) to get treated for what would later be diagnosed as walking pneumonia, like you were doing last Monday, things are looking up.

On days off like today when you are not woken up by your alarm company at 6:19am to tell you the front door security at your place of business has been breached like you were two Mondays ago, things are downright blissful.

Yes, on days off like today E and I found comfort in: feeling on the mend, sleeping in, local breakfast eats, walking our dog,
essential grocery shopping (i.e. cold-pressed olive oil, vinegars of the white, apple cider, and balsamic variety, Parmesan cheese, etc.) , finally replacing various kitchen items that have been confiscated by the Cafe (i.e. microplane, colander, etc.), unclogging shower drains, working on projects with artsy-fartsy friends, fixing internet problems (i.e. approx. 50 mins. on the phone with AppleCare and another 25 with Qwest), a homemade dinner eaten fireside, the purchase of an amazing (last) seasonal nail color (OPI's Russian Navy), and some much needed fine-mandolin-tuning (i.e. E and his F-style and a lot of Dawg Music.) We are now focused on a much deserved cocktail hour followed by a movie in bed. Ahh yes. It's days like today that remind you that this is what a day off should be like.

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Tim D. Roth said...

That cocktail sure sounds like it would hit the G-Spot. Har har.