Viva Rudy!

Rudy's line from Wednesday night's win, on the road, against the Miami Heat:
25 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals, and 1 block.

The guy made all five of his shots in the final quarter, scoring 14 points in the last 12 minutes. When asked what he thought of his performance he humbly replied, "The most important thing is we have played very well as a team."

While Rudy is busy positioning himself as the early season front runner for both "Rookie of the Year" and "Sixth Man" awards, we continue to get customers hoping to try the egg sandwich we named after him. Looks like we're going to have develop a system to let y'all know when you can get a piece of our Rudy. Stay tuned for more on that...

an early attempt at the Rudy Fernandez (now served with a fried egg)

Oh, and whoever is the first to find out where I can get my hands on a Fernandez bobblehead wins breakfast for two at the LRBC, courtesy of yours truly. Happy hunting.


Anonymous said...

If he earns a Nickname other than 'El Toro Bravo', I'll eat my hat.

Extra points if I can witness El Toro Bravo eat at our Toro Bravo. it'll be magical. Is he old enough to drink here?

Anonymous said...

There are no Rudy Fernandez bobbleheads made yet. anywhere. I searched high and low, finally resorted to asking cha cha. what is cha cha you ask? you text them a question, any question and they text you back within a few minutes with an answer. you can ask who the 1987 ping pong champion was and they'll tell you. try it. keeps me busy when i'm putting off having to clean or be productive. does that count for anything? a cup of coffee maybe?

Ali and Evan said...

Fidel/Markovitch/Timbers Army of One,
We would like to drink with you at Toro Bravo sometime. THAT would be magic.

kooter belvedere,
You've confirmed our fears. I had a feeling after my own search turned up negative but I was hoping and now that cha cha has confirmed it, it seems as though God has spoken. Feel free to take us up on that cup of coffee any time- we can drink our bobblehead woes away together.

Anonymous said...

i like the sounds of that. not sure how i stumbled upon your blog but thank the heavens above! i've become quite obsessed with the 2 of you. ( not in the crazy hide in the oven at the cafe kinda obsessed) even calling my fiancee over to show him how cute you both are in all your pics and telling him how delicious your food looks, in great detail. he shrugs and says we're cuter but he also doesn't appreciate jamon de serrano and ice cream with bacon in it the way i do so i let it slide. speaking of bacon, i read there's a way to make bacon infused voodka... i'm just throwing it out there. don't judge me! i'm hoping to make it down to your place this weekend, if not sooner. thank you for writing this wonderful blog and letting us all in on your amazing new journey! puts a little bounce in my step and a rumble in my belly.

Anonymous said...

Has Rudy been by to try his namesake sandwich?