Thanks, Joel

All bags of Espresso, All Roasted by the Guy in the Background:
The One and Only Joel

We were saddened to learn today that our friend, and your coffee roaster, Joel, was unable to go to the beach as planned. You see, Joel's got a nice little sanctuary-esque retreat on the coast he likes to escape to when he can find the time to get away. When I asked him once what he liked to do at this place he responded, "Sleep. I like to sleep." Truth be told Joel has less free time than any guy we know, and unfortunately today was one of those days when his work overtook the possibility of the beach (Example: "We're out of decaf!," "I hear a leak somewhere on the Synesso!," "We need Teflon! Bubbles on top of the steam-wand indicate a possible broken gasket.") Those of you who have bought espresso/coffee from us in bulk have witnessed this dedication: his roasting times are printed right on the bag, many are in the wee hours of the morning. So Joel's idea of a vacation involves a lot of sleeping; and who could blame him? Joel gets up earlier than almost everyone we know (except for our baker, Greg), works a later day shift than everyone we know, works more days than everyone we know, and does 98.9% on bike. If we could only really convey to you how much Joel works for his business, for us, for Y-O-U. We just thought it was high-time that we said: Thanks, Joel. We love you. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated. Your passion is inspiring, your coffee is delicious, and we surely are grateful for the opportunity to serve it in our place. Here's to the next beach trip. We'll pay for the gas. XO


Tim D. Roth said...

Joel is a true worker if there ever was one, which I find very refreshing in our generation of self-entitled, lackadaisical counterparts. He is definitely inspiring whenever I think to complain about having to work hard. And all of his labor is going into an amazing product that people seem to not fully appreciate. Maybe it would help if everyone spent some time away from PDX to realize how rad Joel is. You're the man Joel!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tim, thanks LRBC. and thank you for working hard to make the coffee awesome. Courier Coffeeeee!!!!

Silver Bee said...

he's a bloody gem! i love our dedicated crew at Atomica coffee in Fitzroy. 'coz without the coffee we'd be screwed.

Ali and Evan said...

You're right...as usual. XO

We love you. Now eat a sandwich!

ain't that the truth!!! We would love to have a cup over on your side of the world sooner rather than later. Thanks for being so fantastic.