Let's try to look on the bright side...

After a less than successful season opener, we could all use some positive Blazer news. Held over by popular demand, The Rudy Fernandez:

The silky smooth Spaniard who had 16 points in his Trailblazer debut was the inspiration for the breakfast sandwich you see pictured above. What is it, you ask? Scrambled egg, oregano, jamon serrano, olive tapenade, roasted red pepper aioli, and shaved manchego cheese. Stop in this week and see for yourself what European ball is all about.

Eating this sandwich will not make you as electrifying as Rudy himself, but we guarantee that it won't put you on the sidelines for 2-4 weeks either (sorry Greg...we still love ya).


Tim D. Roth said...

Mouthgasm! Manchego! Jamon! Muy delicioso!

Catherine said...

I had that sandwich on my voting day It rules :)