A Good Day At The Office

sour cream-apple loveliness

I had doubts this morning. It was cold and wet, its been slow at the LRBC all week...even my dog didn't want to leave the house this morning!

We opened, and the morning began as I had suspected it might...(crickets chirping). All morning, we had little to do but try to find new radio stations to listen to. Then 11 o'clock rolls around, and in comes everyone. And I mean EVERYONE!

Giovanni was there

Thank you to all who helped put my mind at ease. All is well, and I get in now: when its cold and wet outside, its nice to sleep in a little longer. No problem, take your time, and know that once you're able to venture out into the world we'll be ready for ya.

The apple pie you see pictured above was baked this afternoon for your Sunday dining pleasure (there's plenty of pumpkin pie as well).

Need another reason to stop in this Sunday? Check out the latest addition to our sidewalk equestrian show:

the black stallion


kati said...

yay! new horse!

and i'm glad business picked up. i swear my intentions were good to make it in. but by the time i got the baby fed twice, and napped etc etc as all my mornings go, by the time i drove by the closed sign was in the window. we'll try it again tomorrow...

AnnMarie said...

way to capture giovanni, ev!

Silver Bee said...

gosh that all looks so good!!!

coffee, pie, ice-cream. i got the triple whammy of posts today!!

but my heart goes to giovanni.

p.s. i gave up trying to make sense of the customers habits. just rest safe in the knowledge that when they say they love ya- they mean it!

Kendal said...

pretty pony.