Putting Together the Pieces

A short blog post will have to do for this evening given the fact that E and I are still hard at work trying to get things together for the cafe. With the recent press the cafe has received we are preparing ourselves for a busier than usual morning. Although we're both exhausted we're both feeling excited for tomorrow. We have dear friends coming in from out of town and in anticipation, we have prepared special items just for them: Maple & Bacon Ice Cream for Liam, and more of The Best Chocolate Pudding Ever (which we sold out of today, thank you very much!) for Lynn. No worries, anyone and everyone is welcome to try. See you at the party Richter.


lynn russell // satsuma press said...

We were already excited to come visit you tomorrow, but now with the addition of special treats -- ooh la la! Can't wait to see you both: that will be the best treat of all.

Back to some late night printing now, so looking forward to tomorrow.

xo -lynn, ben and liam

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Olivia from the Oregonian. Not sure if you saw the video online that I shot about your messenger sandwich for Best Bites.

Here's the link: