Happy Halloween!

Ali's spooky skeleton

Our pumpkins are glowing, Ali has pumpkin penne on the stove, and we have a bowl full of candy ready and waiting for trick-or-treaters. Oh, and not to mention some killer specials for Saturday:

Rudy Fernandez (held over by popular demand)
scrambled egg, jamon serrano, shaved manchego, oregano, olive tapenade and roasted red pepper aioli on toasted ciabatta

Huevos Divorciados
two fried eggs served on a bed of quinoa salad, “separated” by homemade salsas—one fiery red and the other green. Topped with queso fresco, lime crema and cilantro

Harvest Turkey
turkey, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, sliced apple, maple honey mustard and roasted garlic aioli on toasted ciabatta Served with dill pickle, and salt & pepper potato chips

Wishing you a happy Halloween from the LRBC.

Evan's ominous owl


Tim D. Roth said...

Happy Halloween to you too! Thanks for over a year of mouth watering blog posts. And please tell me you guys dressed up as Starbuck's employees today...

Ali and Evan said...

Re: Costumes.
We hung a giant pirate flag from our front door, posted our "Beware of Pirates Sign" in the lawn (doesn't everyone own one of these?), had our remote control operated fog machine blasting unsuspecting visitors, and wore eye patches with boots and a lot of striped clothing. I think we pulled it off. We personally witnessed three crying children who refused to come up our walk.