Challah On the Brain

I holla for challah

I've got challah on the brain. My second favorite bread next to naan, I have been known to scarf down an entire loaf of the stuff in a single sitting. Just a few reasons why I can't stop thinking about challah:

1. For months now we have been serving our challah French toast at the cafe every Sunday. Ironically, though I am infatuated with the bread, I have never been a huge French toast guy. That said, our recipe for this weekend, Pumpkin Challah French Toast, sounds amazingly delicious to me given my dual love for challah bread and anything with pumpkin. Alas, we will still be in NYC and I will have to rely on the word of others in order to find out how insanely delicious the recipe is.

2. I recently received two challah recipes from Ali's sister, and upon our return home I plan to begin experimenting until I can consistently bake a challah recipe worth serving. Don't expect my challah bread to debut at the cafe anytime soon...from what I've read this bread can be a tricky one to master.

3. I'm in New York. The first time I traveled to the city was with my family, when I was 13 years old. Despite the fact that I was sick throughout almost the entire trip, I did get the pleasure of eating perhaps the finest challah I've ever tasted. Only problem is my folks have no idea where said challah was purchased.

I need help! I am in search of the best challah NYC has to offer, and I am willing to travel far and wide in order to find it. So please, if you or anyone you know has a recommendation for a particular bakery where I might be able to sink my teeth into some especially dank challah, please let me know asap.

Thanks friends.


kati said...

so sorry, i have no idea about NYC challah. but i too have a love for challah. when we lived in columbus, ohio, there was jewish deli named katzinger's that served a ridiculously good chicken salad sandwhich with applewood smoked bacon and honey mustard and i would always ask for it on challah. i STILL... 3 YEARS LATER... have cravings for that katzinger's #41.

have fun in NY!

Anonymous said...

My uncle Sal swears by Sarge's. If you go there please let me know what you think, that way I'll know if his tastebuds are any better than his sense of humor.

Tim D. Roth said...

According to random Yelp dude, Ostrovitsky's has the "Best Challah in the world". Check it out here

Anonymous said...

when we lived up in Buffalo NY they never even sold it except for around Holidays. Now that we live in NJ I can go to the local Shoprite market and find it there everyday. Not sure about anything better than that. We don't really eat it but making it into french toast sounds awesome! Is that kosher though? Not sure myself - hahahaha.