This is the door to our landlord Tracy's house:

This is the door to the Little Red Bike Cafe:

Early this morning some unlucky soul mistook the former for the latter, only to find our landlord Tracy sitting at her kitchen table enjoying her morning coffee. Don't let this happen to you folks. Just look for the red door, and come on in.


Anonymous said...

You know, when you show it like that it's amazing that hasn't happened MORE often. Poor Tracey.

Anonymous said...

WTF, I thought you guys were doing Wednesday brunch with Tracy? And I walk in and she doesn't even have anything ready.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fellow LRBC fans --
Thanks for your sympathy, we've now had another attempted walk-in this morning, so I think it's time for some directional signage, a red velvet rope or maybe an uber-cool bouncer. As for brunch, good idea, we'll work on that.
Love, Tracy