Top Three Cures

Nam Kao

Thanks to my childhood best friend Evan and I had a place to stay while we were in the city. Aside from supplying us with comfortable accommodations she lovingly passed along her cold. From what I hear NYC isn't the only place where this thing has been going around. So I'm giving up my top three simple solutions for fighting back.

1. Obscene amounts of organic orange juice
2. Rest, followed by sleep, followed by more rest, followed by a power nap
3. And perhaps my favorite, spicy Thai/ Laotian food

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Tim D. Roth said...

Damn, sounds like you've got it down! I haven't been drinking quite as much organic orange juice as I'd like, but the other two tricks have been followed diligently. Spicy Thai food is fortunate to be made at my hand, mmmm. Get well soon!