Eat Your Heart Out

The first half of our NYC trip has come to an end, and it appears as though cheap, savory, and greasy has been the mantra of our dining experiences thus far. Before we move on to the more refined portion of the tour (thanks to Ali's sister and her soon to be husband), I thought I'd recap just a few of the spots that have filled our bellies:

Murray's Bagels: where the bagels are so perfect that they refuse to toast 'em

Danny Meyer's Shake Shack: a couple dogs 'dragged through the garden'
and a side of fries

No trip to 'the Shack' would be complete without sampling some of their frozen custard. The flavor of the day was pancake (tasted like cake batter with cream cheese frosting). Can you say delicious?

seafood combo basket and chips (don't even think about calling them fries)
from A Salt & Battery

Don't think that just because we are in NYC that the LRBC won't be bringing it with tantalizing specials this weekend. Ali and I planned out the entire menu prior to leaving Portland, and part of me wishes I were home just so I could sample our newest egg sandwich special, named after my favorite new Portland Trailblazer. Come by this weekend and discover the greatness that is The Rudy Fernandez.

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