You've Been Served

The fine folks featured in this picture are our friends Gavin and Delane. Oh, and their dog, Shade. Last night we had them over for a Fall dinner party. Here's what was served:

focaccia with warm Oregon wild mushrooms
balsamic glazed golden beet salad with goat cheese, served over mixed greens
steamed artichokes with lemon-tarragon aioli
cream-braised Brussels sprouts
spinach saute with garlic and raisins
spicy sausage and mashed potato pot pie with roasted onion gravy
roasted tomato and kale served over spaghetti squash with pecorino and toasted walnuts

and for dessert
strawberries with a sour brown sugar dipping sauce

Suffice to say everything was delicious and eaten before photographs could be snapped. Consider this menu a warm up for what's cooking this weekend.

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Silver Bee said...

is it a bad thing to get more excited about fall's bounty than spring's? i love the way the veggies hold the memory of the summer months.

in spring's defense, i saw asparagus at the market the other day and that made me supremely happy.

p.s. i think you should keep getting married til you rival Elizabeth Taylor. i really enjoyed all the pics. nice one mr and mrs a true love story!