Thanks For Doing Y/Our Part

Home delivery of sourdough bread, courtesy of our adorable neighbors

Well, it's been exactly a week since this newlywed couple tied the knot. So what are doing with ourselves? Well, let's just say a serious honeymooner's nesting period has taken a hold. We actually began our one week anniversary last night, celebrating the cafe's most successful week/end ever by popping a couple of bottles of champagne, eating fresh homemade sourdough bread baked by our neighbors and made from a 100 year starter, devouring a box full of sweets, the gift from a truly talented baker and friend, making toasts with a few whiskeys, and grubbing down on some inexplicably delicious pizza amongst the company of dear friends.

One could not receive a sweeter gift than one from Two Tarts Bakery. Thank you, Elizabeth but you spoil us.

Thanks to the FOODday article, the Best Bites accolade, and the OregonLive video(all in one week, whew!), our little cafe has made some new friends this week. We were happy hosting lots of new faces and can only hope our food passed the test and that these new bodies will be willing and able to make the trek out to our neighborhood, eventually morphing into LRBC regulars. We want to make sure to thank everyone who came out this past week and supported us during what we know is an extremely difficult economy. We are beyond humbled that you have all have been so loving during this confusing and somewhat depressing time. Please know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed and that your presence continues to inspire us daily to do what we do best; feed you and feed you well. We for one (two) are feeling optimistic about what's on the horizon. At the very least we are seeking joy by investing our energy into positive thoughts and trying to spread the love around. I think it's really important, especially now, that we join together with our neighbors and fellow community members and commit to making steps towards a brighter future by communicating openly, giving to one another, exercising our voice, by supporting locally owned businesses, and by taking part in human powered activities like walking, biking, and swimming.

While today was a geeked-out mild celebration of our first week together as an official married couple, it's was also an example of the small ways we can have an impact on our world. It should be no surprise that the things we enjoy doing most are rooted deeply in our endless adoration for this city and that these small efforts are indeed effortless yet undeniably important. Please take it from us, as we are a clear example of how people's committed support of a locally owned small business can make all the difference.

And now, our day in a few words and mostly pictures...

Butter and Maple Butter.

Breakfast at the Flavourspot. This picture almost does the deliciousness justice. Almost.

Caesar and Zeus, off leash and loving every minute of it

Followed by a walk with the cutest pugs in town in the absolutely stunning and mind-blowing Forest Park. Do you have any idea how lucky we are that Portland boasts this as a local park? It's amazing and 5,100 acres I will forever cherish in this city. After our walk we headed out to The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island in order to stock up for the upcoming holiday (which hands down happens to be my husband's favorite holiday) as well as to get our apple cider fix on. After all this we worked up quite the appetite and decided upon:

"Lentil Soup is Mental Fruit"- Dead Prez

Lunch from Nicholas Restaurant. We're convinced they make the city's best baba ganoush . The flavor is so rich and smoky and never fails to satisfy.

Mark Your Calendars! General Election is November 4th, 2008

Conveniently situated in SE Portland, we headed to the Multnomah County Elections Office to drop off the voter registrations we've collected. We happily volunteered to use the cafe as a venue to encourage political interest by registering people to vote over the past month. With the deadline approaching we wanted to make sure to get these forms in and I would also like to make this a friendly reminder to everyone who still hasn't turned in their registration form in, that voter registration deadline is tomorrow, October 14th so make sure to get those in ASAP! If you're not sure whether or not you're registered, you can go here and check.

So Not Your Average Stuffing

When we finally retired to home base we began working on our weekly specials and fed ourselves a feast of a dinner as a result. FYI: Featured this week is an Early-Thanks-Giving. An Early Thanks Given Sandwich from us to you, that is:

Early Thanks Given
apple cider-glazed roast turkey, homemade cherry-pecan stuffing, and savory herb gravy on toasted ciabatta. Served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes

I told you we are in a serious nesting period. But I gotta tell you, it's times like these when we are feeling extremely grateful and loving every last minute of it. I hope you too are embracing Fall with open arms.


Anonymous said...

Keep on nesting, honeymooners. The results are awesome. Can't wait to sample your endeavors!
xxoo Moo

kati said...

so glad the week/end went so well for you. when we were there saturday morning and saw it so packed, it was really reassuring. we drove through st. johns on sunday and had to turn around and drive down the strip one more time in shock at all the little businesses that cropped up in the last year or two that have closed in the last few weeks.
then, i have to tell you that we went to pine state on sunday to check it out since it was also mentioned in foodday. they do have good biscuits. and they've got kind of the same line-out-the-door-tiny-dining-room deal as lrbc but the "feel" of lrbc is SO much better!
you are the best little gem in our neighborhood and we want to keep you around!

Ali and Evan said...

to be perfectly honest, Saturday was one of those, "blah" days for us. We, in the kitchen at least, had a hard time finding a groove and unfortunately a pattern ceased to surface in the orders. We were so incredibly busy that it was hard to see straight, if that makes any sense. I hope the food you received was on par with what one should expect from us. Thank you for your kind words. Forgive the cheesiness when I say, we would like to remain that gem you see, while keeping in mind that every gem is worth polishing once in awhile. We will continue to make your breakfast as delicious as ever and it is because of people like you that we exist.