Perfect Salads

Isn't it great when you are guaranteed to get a perfect salad? The only two places that fall into this category for us are the salads at Dove Vivi and Toro Bravo. These are two places where we would be willing to skip all of the main course goodies and go only for the greens. No joke. That is a lot said coming from two people who used to be in the salad biz. The thing about these salads are their unique flavor profiles, their inclusion of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, and the obvious thought and care that goes in to the execution. For example, just take a good hard look at these carrots. These were roasted, bringing out their sweetness and then paired with tangy goat cheese and peppery arugula. Delane's vegetables are always sliced with the utmost precision and thoughtfulness. That kind of love ensures that with every bite you experience the best features of the vegetable. We're simply can't get over her carrots and cucumbers. Can I just say again how much I love eating food in this town? We have Delane and Gavin to thank for providing us sustenance tonight during this all–night-marathon. Thanks, guys. We needed that. XO

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Anonymous said...

I heart Dove Vivi about as much as you guys seem to. Best damn pizza in town in my opinion; best ingredients + most unique crust = amazing!