Bike Bucks

I have been known to wait until the last minute to do my holiday shopping. Although I love to give gifts, I refuse to get caught up in the panic and stress of the holiday season. That said, I am fully aware that there are some people out there who like to get said shopping done early. Even October early. To this organized and thoughtful group I can now proudly declare: we are ready.

Thanks to the wonderful and creative Alice and AnnMarie the LRBC has some spiffy new gift cards:

I got five on it
*LRBC is not guaranteed to be as poppin' as this music video...but if you happen to catch us on the right day you might be pleasantly surprised

The ladies whipped up these bad boys at the IPRC, and I think they are just about the cutest little things I have ever seen. The gift cards are sold in $5 increments, and will be available at the cafe through the holidays.

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