Plan B

Macchiato Art

Part of owning a business is accepting things don't always go your way, learning to be flexible, and knowing when to improvise. I may have first realized that things weren't going according to plan last night when I was the only one who put in a load of laundry at 9:30 PM. Or maybe it was when my suitcase was the only one at the front door at midnight. But what really sealed the nail in the coffin was when E called at 12:30AM from the cafe to inform me that our salad prep refrigerator wasn't working properly. Yeah, that's probably when it finally hit home that we wouldn't nor couldn't make our 8 AM morning flight. But really? Really? Blech!!! Of all times it had to be now?!? But such is the glamorous life of owning a restaurant. Your path is rarely paved. I called a Continental Airlines representative at 1:00 AM and agreed to eat the change ticket fee in hopes of restoring some sort of sanity in our lives. (We hadn't felt like this since pulling all-nighters in college during senior finals week.) So we're going with Plan B, leaving tonight and arriving in the city tomorrow morning. I know it will be well worth the wait and besides, leaving on a later flight means sleeping in and the chance to sample some coffee made by the best baristas in town.

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