Here's What We Can Tell You:

Lost, Lost, Lost: But not until it's been recorded, documented, and photographed

1. We're still waiting for a complete response from our insurance company SAFECO.
2. Thus far in dealing with our adjuster and this company, it's been stall after stall, delay after delay.
3. Upon first asking our adjuster when we might have the LEAST bit of an idea how and when we can enlighten our employees as to their fates, he backtracked, made up more excuses, and simply did not return our phone calls.
4. Despite us being out of business for over eleven days, and our employees being out of a job for over eleven days, a cafe destroyed, hundreds (if not more) of dollars of product lost, and this all coinciding with our busiest time to date, SAFECO has not extended any coverage towards our claim as of now.
5. Through the help of a good friend, we're hoping to change all of this...Feverishly.

We hope you are beginning to see the bigger picture...

Because things are looking up.


Flower gyrl said...

I'm really sorry that the insurance company has been so awful. We miss your great food and look forward to your re-opening...it will happen. It is a question of "when", not "if."

Anonymous said...

We're so sorry and we miss you guys! We dealt with Safeco after our car accident...it was in November and we're just looking at settling next week, our hearts go out to you... When you re-open, we're planning on bringing everyone we know to try to recoup some of your lost business! We're thinking of you, David, Renee and Jack.