Biscuit Country Music

Why can't contemporary country be more like this?

The title of this blog is a Wheel of Fortune inspired "before and after" (for my loving wife). However, this particular "before and after" has little relevance to the common person, that is unless one accepts the existence of the term "biscuit country." Biscuit country? Why not!?!. Around our house, the phrase "biscuit country" is used in reference to a special time that occurs every Sunday morning when I bake buttermilk biscuits for the cafe. No joke, to me this is a truly special occasion. For example, consider the fact that each week presents a new opportunity for me to delve deeper into my quest for biscuit perfection. In honor of this time I like to create a new country or bluegrass inspired Pandora station to act as my personal soundtrack while I quickly (gotta be fast in order to make sure the butter stays cold), but calmly (wouldn't want to activate any gluten) labor towards biscuit greatness.

I gotta say, though I often detest the overproduced noise which passes as country music these days, there is something magical about the truth and soul inherent in the songs of country's earlier stars.

Here's a little insight into the artist who inspired this week's biscuit soundtrack: Conway Twitty.

Not familiar? Click here.

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Metolius Mark * Student of...Everything said...

Thanks....I've never heard that cut before. I think I'll name my next child Conway.