HELP WANTED: Can you do this?

If frying eggs and making people smile are things that you enjoy, then you might just be a perfect fit to join our team. We're looking for an EXPERIENCED individual to help us dish out egg sandwiches and more to the hungry weekend warriors who help keep our tiny cafe buzzing each week. If this seems like the ideal job for you or someone you know, please contact Evan, at:


We keep hearing that the job market is full of overqualified individuals who are desperately in need of good working opportunities...now we're eager to put that notion to the test. The aforementioned position is 22-30 hours per week. Wages include hourly pay plus tips. Applicants MUST be available to work mornings, and weekends.

We're not kidding around here people...we are very serious about finding an experienced cook who lives to work in the kitchen (like us). We're happy with how far we've come over the past two years. Now we're eager to find someone who can help us take our food to a whole new level.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Singapore Short Stories said...

wow, the egg sandwiches certainly look appetizing!