Sunday Brunch

Honey Yogurt Bowl
Nancys Honey Yogurt with house granola, fresh fruit, cinnamon, & honey drizzle

Chilled Berries in Champagne
cup of local strawberries and raspberries poached in champagne syrup, chilled, and topped with fresh whipped cream and candied hazelnuts

Brie en Croute
wedge of brie baked in puff pastry with apricot conserve and walnuts, served with mixed greens, apple, red grapes, and seeded crackers

Lox, Potatoes, and Egg
wild Alaskan lox served on top of potato gratin, topped with a sunny-side egg and served with multi-grain toast and house jam

Egg White Omelet
with mushrooms, leeks, pecorino, and herbes de provence, served with tomato basil salad, and half a grapefruit

Cardamom Peach French Toast
with vanilla-bean whipped cream, butter, and real maple syrup

Buttermilk Biscuits and Rosemary Mushroom Gravy
Half portion…5.00 Sonny’s Special: full order, side of bacon, and large Orange Juice…13.00

Summer [Fried] Egg Sandwich
two eggs, Carlton bacon, feta cheese, strawberry-balsamic black pepper jam, and greens on ciabatta

Oregon Tuna Melt
wild Oregon albacore tuna, lemon-herb mayo, cheddar, green onions, and farmhouse relish on Italian como bread, served with arugula salad
surf ‘n turf’ (add bacon)

smoked tempeh strips, arugula, tomato, vegan dill aioli, and avocado on toasted ciabatta, served with arugula salad

We also have a special treat for you this weekend: mini frozen key lime pies (on a stick) dipped in chocolate, courtesy of our friend Jason of Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies fame. You guys remember Jason, right? Well, he's outdone himself this time with this whole key-lime-pie-on-a-stick business. It's ingenious. Not only that but they taste real, real good. So come pucker up with key lime goodness at the cafe today. We'll do our best to make it worth your while.

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Dove Vivi said...

Nothing to say today, really, but this: I love you guys. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to daily besides checking my email (thanks for the update on your crappy web sale, Target) and weekly, when I hope to nag a hug or quip. Or scone. You are the best friends I never see enough of!