So I sprained my ankle:
(normal ankle is on the R)

Husband's response to seeing the aftermath of my "graceful" leap off the porch: "Whoa, that's like blog-worthy."

Allow me to back up. We were getting ready to leave for breakfast on our day-off. I became so enthralled with the idea of eating pancakes that I sprang off the front porch forgetting in the process that one must land after they jump.

Hmmm...lesson learned.


kati said...

a friend of mine's husband just sprained his ankle last night. while they were getting ready to go to the hospital to have her baby induced. she was SO mad. so it could be worse :)

ps. my word verification below is COOTY. hahaha.

Tim D. Roth said...

That is fucking rough, girl! Hope that thing springs back into shape.

Anonymous said...

That one on the left is just not right!

Hope its better by the time you read this and that Sat you can maybe stay off it. (Yeah...right...like that's gonna happen)


Unknown said...