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Ask (within reason) and ye shall receive:

Wednesday afternoon I received an urgent call from a mother who was wondering whether or not we were serving sweet corn ice cream this weekend. When I explained that our ice cream was not churned according to any particular schedule but more according to whim, she went on to say that her daughter's birthday was on Friday and that she had asked to go to the Little Red Bike Cafe to get sweet corn ice cream. After hearing her cause I explained that I was in fact the cafe's ice cream churner and that I would be happy to whip up a fresh batch of ice cream for her and her daughter to enjoy during the weekend. I was able to do so using only six ingredients: fresh local corn, sugar, milk, cream, free-range egg yolks, and cinnamon. So with fingers crossed that they actually show up, I proudly present:

Mexican Sweet Corn Ice Cream
with cinnamon

And because sometimes even we need a guilt-free morning:

Spiced Banana-Bran Bread
with toasted walnuts and raisins
(and yes, it's 100% vegan)

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kati said...

My pregnant-drifting-off-to-sleep-dreams involved an icy scoop of this ice cream on a hot piece of your french toast with syrup. So I had to log back on with my blackberry and tell you about it. My husband is laughing at me. But what if you wanted to serve that up sunday?! I had to tell :)