Our coffee roaster/courier has been throwing some amazing coffee our way these past few weeks (when isn't he?). In addition to some stellar Guatemalans, and the no-longer-with-us Ethiopia/Sulawesi espresso blend, we have fallen in love with Cerrado Fazenda Chapadao de Ferro from Brazil, roasted for single origin espresso enjoyment.

On tap for later today is a new coffee from El Salvador: Palo de Compana Finca Alaska. Here is some of what Joel has to say about it (stolen from his blog):

"Red and orange bourbon varietals. Super full in your mouth, juicy, spice, red wine, oak, smoky. The sugars remind me of wine sugars. Although this is a washed coffee, the fruit sugars are big. It reminds us of perhaps syrah, with hints of spice and oak. When the cup is hot we find tangerine, kumquats, and lively citrus. There are all sorts of juice notes as the cup cools. Roasting this coffee is going to be rad."

Lastly, upon demoing a Robur espresso grinder the past two days it has become blatantly apparent that we at the LRBC have not even begun to scratch the surface in terms of how good this coffee could be tasting. My shopping list has been turned upside down, and I can't get expensive coffee grinders out of my head.

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