85.8 miles...

...or just under 2 hours, is how long it takes us to get from the cafe to Waves of Grain Bakery. It's a drive we feel like we know pretty well. I swear, when we crest the hills on some of those passes it is as though any anxious anticipation gives way to calm and relaxation. Psssst: You're nearing the beach.

When we first stumbled into the shop two years ago, we had no idea how fortuitous a visit we were in for. What began as a biscuit obsession over time blossomed into illicit romances with scones, cookies, cheese sticks, mini key lime tarts, quiche, coffee cake, granola, flour, and in one 24 hour stretch, not one but two entire loaves of bread consumed (no assistance needed). I believe it was a focaccia loaf and a (honey?) whole wheat.

You see, the reason every single thing that is sold in this bakery tastes so damn good, is because 95% of it is crafted by the loving hands of one or both of the people you see smiling here. It's safe to say that Hillary and Jason Fargo are making the world a better place by putting so much love into so many different shapes, sizes, and flavors of food. How lucky we were this past Wednesday when they visited our cafe (with their "day-olds" in tow-a real treat) as they sojourned through the city of Portland on their "day off" (Ha! We know those, too!).

Getting the chance to visit was quite a treat and reminded us of how lucky we are (the royal we) to stumble upon their bakery while tripping around the Oregon coast in the first place.

It's stormy Portland. Doesn't it sound nice to sit next to a warm fire, storm raging outside, and munch on some ginger-molasses cookies? If so, these two can help make it happen. Go see them.

Waves of Grain Bakery
3116 S. Hemlock St.
Cannon Beach, OR 97110


Dove Vivi said...

So true, guys! WOG bakery has quickly become our favorite bakery in Oregon and in our top 5 list all time. Keep up the good work and we'll keep spreading the good word. Lots of Love from Gavin & Delane @ Dove Vivi

Unknown said...

We really enjoyed giving the Red Bike a test drive this week. Your food is creative, beautiful, and delicious. Let us know when you want to come out for WOG biscuit boot camp. It'll be fun!