What's For Dinner

(a little tipsy and a little silly, pre-birthday dinner)

After five days of dressing quite dapper and going out for some of the most memorable meals to date in the Big Apple, we were both itching to get back in the kitchen once we got home. What can we say? We're the type of people who, when we eat well, wish to pass that gift along to someone close to us, be it at home or the cafe.

However, plans shifted upon hearing the news of the loss of our friend. We have not eaten a meal at home in days (let alone together).

Tonight after I returned home from work I knew I needed to remedy this. As cliche as it sounds, tonight I stood proud, representing an adoring wife whose only desire in the world was to make dinner for my husband. A dinner to thank him for his patience, his goodwill, and his compassion towards others. I know I do not speak alone on this; many others took me aside this week and confided that he was a rock for them too, during this turbulent time. Hearing this makes my heart expand to its fullest capacity. I need never doubt my sheer-dumb-luck in finding a man this decent and good to spend the rest of this lifetime with (with hopes of many, many more). He is persistent in his quest to beautify the lives of others and I am honored that I can partake and experience this as his partner.

So, For Evan. With Love.

Our First Home-Cooked Meal in Ages*
butternut squash ravioli in chili-I.P.A. broth, topped with roasted brussels sprouts, beets, hazelnuts and chevre

*Inspired by a halibut & lobster chowder dish we ate at Gramercy Tavern, the restaurant where we celebrated his birthday while in New York, I attempted a loosely-based vegetarian version, per the request of my husband who is battling a cold and is currently "detoxing."

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