Recycle Your Clothes: We Can Help!

Don't know if you've caught it yet, but yesterday we happened to mention the fact that WE WILL BE OPEN ON THANKSGIVING, something we're more excited about than you (obviously) but let us let you in on why.

Perhaps the most important reason to visit us this Thursday is because you will be helping us, help a really cool friend, who is celebrating 10 years of helping out homeless Portlanders on Thanksgiving. For the past 10 years the lovely Venus and her entourage have helped feed and clothe the homeless underneath the Burnside bridge every Thanksgiving. Her 10+ year-old son, River, has been doing this pretty much since birth and knows no other version of Thanksgiving. This is just one reason why we love this dynamic duo and think they're so cool.

With Venus' help, we have begun a "Warm-Clothing Drive" this week at the cafe. We are collecting hats, coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, shoes and anything else that might help save a life of someone who does not have the privilege to a roof over their heads this winter. Sizes do not matter, people come in all shapes, and any and every thing is appreciated. While we are normally closed on Thanksgiving, we made the decision to remain open this year in hopes of raising some extra funds to go towards Venus' cause. In addition to the clothing drive, we will also be donating our daily proceeds from Thanksgiving to Venus, to help offset the cost of feeding so many people, and as a small gesture towards thanking her for her undeniably bad-ass grassroots approach.

We felt humbled when Venus' son, River, exclaimed, "Cool! We're like sponsored this year." If only we could explain to River how they are the real heroes in this situation. Superheroes at that. You hear that, River? You and your Mom TOTALLY RULE and we're so glad we're neighbors, and not just because you have really cool haunted houses during Halloween season.

So please, come help us help our friends. If you cannot make it in this week to drop off clothing, we know *most* of you will have Thanksgiving off, so clean out your winter closet, and come on in and buy a cup of coffee or something off our special Thanksgiving (TBA) menu. It's for a good cause. We promise. XO


Unknown said...

wow...very generous of you all to do your part to help others on thanksgiving. wish we could be there for the special turkey day menu!

Anonymous said...

If we bring in clothes on Thursday, is that too late?

Ali and Evan said...

Thursday is not too late. Just remember, we're keeping normal business hours, which means we close at 2pm! Hope you can make it (woever you are)

Just doing our (very small) part. Feels good. Sadly enough, it feels like it's been awhile so this should get the ball rolling. Thanksgiving menu to be announce today! Stay tuned!

tara said...

This is amazing! This defines what Thanksgiving is all about. And how lucky for all those pdxer's who can stop by the LRBC to prepare for a day in the kitchen by fueling up on tasty food and strong coffee.