Well Deserved

"Moving amid a tangle of bikes, roasting equipment, tools and paperwork, the 29-year-old Portland native has an unmistakable mad-scientist vibe. Stacks of dog-eared spiral-bound notebooks contain notes on tasting, temperatures, technique and results. Clever ink drawings depicting daily events are taped to the sliding doors."
-Heidi Swift

That sums up Joel very well. The image above and the ability to picture him perfectly make us absolutely charmed and proud to be his friend, honored to do business with him, and excited as ever for his one-of-a-kind business model.

This past Sunday's Oregonian featured an thoughtfully written article about our good friend, that amazingly talented coffee roaster, Joel Domreis. Heidi Swift wrote the article which appeared in the Outdoor section of the 11/15/2009 Sunday Edition. She also wrote a killer piece about Joel on her blog which includes some great photos of the Courier Coffee Roasters roastery.


LittleCanoe said...

Wow, that's great! It's about time they got some recognition. Congrats to Courier Coffee.

Ali and Evan said...

we were happy to see courier coffee roasters in the press too. though we are concerned about how much this might affect their home delivery business. three guys, one cargo bike, xxx amount of accounts, + a high demand in home delivery= very tired legs. but these guys love what they do and their passion is beyond inspiring. we love courier coffee roasters and think everyone should too.