After being open everyday for the past 3 months, the Little Red Bike Cafe will be closed Wednesday March 24th for some much needed rest. We will be using this time to: sleep in,
enjoy the sunshine, take care of our dogs, eat breakfast out, ride our bicycles, visit with friends, work on various landscape projects, and make rhubarb jam.


nemajo said...

If that's a rest day, I'd hate to see you busy... Enjoy! :o)

Anonymous said...

So you KNEW some malcontent would blast you on Yelp! for having an unannounced day off, yes? Nothing to loose any sleep over. Probably someone who has an 8 hour a day job with weekends off.

I believe the comment included something about how 'you're only open 6 hours a day 6 days a week'. The person doesn't know that a) being open 6 still requires 3-4 of prep and 2-3 of clean up. That's a 12+ hour day. I wouldn't do it. You couldn't pay me enough.

Keep on keepin' on LRBC. You've a well earned 4.5 stars at Yelp! Nobody can please ALL the peoples ALL the time...I mean, who would even TRY?

Those that sip your coffee and taste your food know that there are few places that compare.


Ali and Evan said...

you don't even want to know ;)

What you said. Exactly.