Happy Spring, Folks.

Today is (or was) the first day of spring.

Yeah, I know. It crept up on us, too.

Happy spring y'all!

That coffee we mentioned yesterday? The one from the "budding local microroaster" that was to be served this Sunday, the 21st? Well that Microroaster just so happens to be Sterling Coffee Roasters, the very latest project brought to us by Adam McGovern and Aric Miller of Coffeehouse Northwest fame.

Located on NW Glisan St, between NW 21st Ave and NW 22nd Ave, Sterling Coffee Roasters currently roasts and prepares coffee daily. It you haven't already visited, rest assured that you're in for a real treat. These guys aren't messing around. This is some serious business.

This afternoon Tyler paid Aric a visit and loaded up his bike basket with 5 lbs of a freshly roasted espresso (Fri afternoon). This coffee will travel with Tyler when he comes to the LRBC tomorrow morning; which he will then serve via the Robur and Synesso for your drinking pleasure, beginning precisely (as possible) at 9:00 am. Early word from the men from Sterling is that the espresso is a washed Honduran coffee which bears a delectable sweetness. Sounds good to me.

We'd be delighted if you started your spring with us. And this delicious espresso.

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