Beer flight at (the always reliable and super chill) Saraveza, our local North Portland watering-hole and craft-beer bottle shop

Speaking of North Portland businesses, have we told you lately (or enough) how in love we are with our neighborhood, the Peninsula, and our other North Portland peeps? After living in this city [on and off] for 28+ years, we feel more connected to the sense and idea of the word "community" than ever before. There are many creative and gifted folks in this area holding it down, putting out awesome product and doing honest work. And the best part is that we all seem committed to supporting each other's efforts and ambitions. It's a pretty good feeling, and one we're fortunate enough to experience often. Frankly, I feel like there is something in the water over here because we're beginning to realize that it is a special and important time to be a North Portland resident.


kati said...

i've never heard of it but next time my dad and brother are in town, i'm going to HAVE to take them there!

Anonymous said...

I love Saraveza! We watched some Packer games there this year.

Ali and Evan said...

visiting Saraveza is an absolute MUST. Let the boys drink the beers; You would LOVE the vintage refrigerators.

I forgot to mention their obsession with the Packers! Silly me. Thanks for writing, good to hear from you!