This Belly's For You

before we got our hands on it

After sleeping in a house rub for four days in the fridge, our pork belly was finally ready for braising.

We braised the belly in chicken stock (with a wee bit of duck fat for flavor) in a 200 degree oven overnight.

This morning I will trim all but 1/4 inch thick layer of exterior fat off the entire fatty, or bottom side.

Later we'll griddle portions of it for a Pork Belly and Jam Waffle, made with kale and house-made strawberry balsamic date jam. The odds are high that some of you will ask to add an egg to this dish. Without question we will happily honor your request.

The odds are also high that you may just go with your usual: an egg sandwich. And we'll be happy to do that too.

From us to you. Always with love.


nemajo said...

Oh my gosh! If I lived in Portland, I'd eat there every day!

Ali and Evan said...

and we would feed you every day happily!