Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

Take note coffee aficionados, this weekend is shaping up to be a special one here at the LRBC. Not only will we be serving coffee from our beloved Courier Coffee Roasters, but we are oh so excited to be able to share with you two new coffees from budding local microroasters. The first coffee, scheduled to be served as espresso when we open tomorrow morning, comes to us courtesy of our own Tyler Hauptman (and Justin of Badbeard's Microroastery)

Kattehollay Estate Peaberry, India, roasted Monday, March 15th, at 9:00am

But that's not all, as they say on the streets, "Tyler's packing weight yo!"

Daterra Estate Sweet Blue, Brazil, roasted Monday, March 15th, time unknown

There was talk of combining the two coffees to make an espresso blend, however the Kattehollay tasted so good it could definitely stand on its own. I can't say for sure what tomorrow will bring with the Brazilian but I can say that I am very excited that for the first time in LRBC history we will be serving coffee that was roasted by an employee (not really in-house, but cool nonetheless). The closest we've come to this in the past is when Alex of Courier Coffee Roasters has made a guest appearance on bar, which really doesn't count, 'cause Alex is more of a "ringer" than an employee. Imagine inviting Brandon Roy to join you and your friends for a pickup game at the local playground, when Alex pours coffee at the LRBC, it's kind of like that.

So that's our Saturday. Like I said before, if you like coffee you should plan on paying us a visit. As for what Sunday has in store? We'll give you a hint:

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