Lesson Learned/Keeping it Real

So yes. We were closed today. And yes. Someone who tried to visit us felt slighted by our closure and decided to suggest on a public forum that our business had unpredictable hours and that we were closed for "no good reason." Just to clarify for the haters those in doubt:

1) We are open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. You can find our hours clearly posted on our website, the front door of the cafe, or even up on the right-hand corner of this here blog. Please also feel free to call us and check-in before you arrive. We would love to be of assistance in helping you visit our shop. If you're lucky, you might get Kyle on the other end and he will delightfully entertain you with an unexpected and enlightening telephone exchange, with conversation topics ranging from Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings to the compost for your vegetable garden. Ultimately know that our goal is to have you come and enjoy your experience. We will do everything in our power to make that happen. Even if that means we take a little "us time" now and again.

2) We were actually closed today for a very good reason which was to celebrate an important life lesson:




In other words, sometimes we need to enjoy the sunshine, too. Many thanks to Tyler, Malori, and the Sexy Lightning Ultimate Tandem for being our models for today's lesson.


KiKi said...

Make no apologies for this. Yelp is bulls**t anyway. If someone has a problem with the way you run things they should be able to say it to your face. Don't let this ruin the beautiful day you had with you and your wife. You both MORE than deserve it!

Deanne said...

Don't sweat it. That's an order.

There's plenty of love for you guys, and you can't please everyone under the sun. I'm betting you knew both of things already though.

Unknown said...

you can post a reply on yelp explaining what was going on this particularly fine spring day. maybe just link to this post? :)

i have not even visited the shop, but i love you guys anyway. i will come in one day, if i can get the troops together before 2ish on the weekend (we need to ride the bus or bikes from kenton). believe me, getting the troops together, it can be a feat.

good luck with the angry one...

Liza said...

If I could have closed work yesterday and played in the sun, I would have done it in a heartbeat! You guys are wonderful, your food is the best breakfast I've ever had, and it gets better every time I'm there. Someone's always going to be unhappy about something. You do not have to apologize for your hours or any day you decide to be closed. It's your business, and those of us who love and appreciate you will always take up for you!

Ali and Evan said...

We certainly have a love/hate relationship with Yelp. We definitely believe everyone has a right to their opinion and the opportunity to voice it, we just wish it were slightly more democratic.

Thanks. As always. We wish we could please everyone. But alas, you're right. And we're more than thrilled about the love and support we DO have.

Marissa perry,
we look forward to having you and your troops in our shop one day. Thanks for writing and for the encouraging advice!

Here is to future sunny days ahead. Thanks for your kind words. They hit home.