Fried Egg and House Sausage Waffle Sandwich
with aged white cheddar and cider kale, served with real maple syrup

Sometime in January of this year we decided to dust off the old waffle iron and pay tribute to a good friend and waffle aficionado. I know we've said it many times overs but David Stokamer, Mr. Flavourspot himself, is the reason we were able to land our location on N. Lombard St. in the first place. For that we feel truly indebted and grateful.

Since our incarnation, David's regular order at our spot has been a paperboy sandwich. But this ain't no off-the-menu, kind of paperboy. Oh, no. David's personal breakfast of champions is a "paperboy with American cheese, bacon, salt-pepper, ketchup." And so it happened that on one recent fateful Tuesday morning I decided to pay homage to the Waffle Man himself, by inventing a waffle sandwich based on David's take on our paperboy egg sandwich. I could barely contain my excitement that morning when I text David with the news. I was ready to offer to box him one up and run it out to him at the cart, assuming he was busy running "Son of Flavourspot," his outlet's second location located on the corner of N. Mississippi Ave, and Fremont.
The Waffle Man

In my excitement and haste I forgot that David's Januaries are typically a month devoted to veganism. Needless to say, he had to decline my offer to try the latest creation. By the way, we think this, coupled with the fact that the fryer down at "Son of Flavorspot" is vegan Mon-Fri. speaks volumes to Flavorspot's mass appeal and diverse loyalists. It was during one of these past Januaries when David dedicated himself to mastering his vegan waffle recipe. We applaud that kind of dedication. We are also desperate to try one of his latest creations. Uh, did someone say chicken fried steak and gravy? Um, yes. Yes they did. And wait till you try the homemade (family recipe) apple cobbler. Get down there, what are you waiting for? Enough said.

So it is with much regard and and a great deal of conscious deliberation that we have continued on this quest, spending every week since that day exploring the vast possibilities for the waffle's more savory, egg sandwich-esque sensibilities in our own cafe. I commend those of you who have (stepped off the deep end with us) obliged our curiosities. If you're hoping to partake in one of these, all you need to do is keep an eye on our specials board. Our waffle concoctions vary weekly.

Triple B Fried Egg & Waffle Sandwich:
with Bacon, Brie and Basil
served with
blueberry-maple syrup
(huh- guess that should make it the "Four B.")

Cheers to waffles and to waffle-lovers everywhere. And thanks again to David. For many things.

Waffle 4:21
buttermilk waffles, bacon, nutella, bananas, candied hazelnuts and maple syrup


Anonymous said...

k -where can i get one of these amazing sandwiches? are they making the menu? i hope so...

Anonymous said...

Check out the Spilled Milk Podcast's very first edition for their take on fried eggs. For whatever reason, they gave a thumbs down to eggs on anything sweet, like pancakes or waffles. To which I say, fine, the more left over for us!


Unknown said...

So it appears my idea to move LRBC to the Chilean coast wasnt the best idea. But this being said, if you guys are still not going to come to me I guess I´m going to have to come to you. See you in July...permantely. Les quiero mucho y nos vemos pronto! (Oh and make sure you have waffle sandwiches on the menu porfava!)

LittleCanoe said...

These sound amazing and I need to know exactly when I can sink my teeth in to one or all of them.

kati said...

those look amazing! the waffle window on hawthorne calls their bacon, basil, brie waffle the "3 B waffle". are you guys sharing the name?