Cake for Breakfast

Today I was moved by an experience I had with a man who came to visit us for breakfast.

He told me he had recently eaten some food that hadn't agreed with his system, and that rather than take a risk on getting another upset stomach on traditional breakfast fare, he would like to eat a piece of banana cake for breakfast.

My mom's banana cake to be more specific (a recipe she has mastered, guarded, and cultivated with much love over the last year to be even more specific).

Fortunately today was Sunday and Mom was working at the cafe. This gave me an opportunity to scurry into the back after I rang him up in order to share the delightful story with her, knowing it would make her day, just as it had mine.

It didn't hurt when he later told me, after he'd eaten most of the generous slice, that he considered the cake to be "life changing."

The topper and my most favorite part about this story?

He made sure to relay the same message to the woman who actually baked the cake (and I swear, the smile didn't leave her face for the rest of the day).

To the Man Who Eats Cake for Breakfast: Thank you. This is a cherished memory in my collection.


Anonymous said...

Your mom's banana cake is so good!!! I love sweets, I've been eating so many cakes. But I have to say the cake is the only one I want to eat again and can't forget about. Last year, on my birthday, you brought a slice of the cake when I was at your cafe. That was one of very special memories....

Ali and Evan said...

thanks for backing me up on this one, and your story is precious. Thanks for sharing.