Match Made in Heaven?

Dove Vivi's Vegan Corn Cashew...with an LRBC "Zoo Bomb" egg! Customized by Kyle "Hustle" Simmons, 4/28/2010

After seeing a leftover Dove Vivi box that his bosses had consumed last Saturday during a post service prep session, Kyle decided to make a point to bring some leftover Dove Vivi pizza to work so that he could enjoy a slice of breakfast pizza by adding an egg and some melted jack cheese to his vegan corn-cashew pizza. The result was most epic, bordering on life changing. We all joked that this creation was the love child of Dove Vivi and Little Red Bike Cafe.

Today, the kind folks at Dove came through in the clutch yet again, by serving us our first meal of the day, at 5:00pm. Even though we wake up in the wee hours of the morning, and cook breakfast for more than a few folks throughout the course of the day, we often neglect to eat breakfast ourselves until the work day is over. Today was one of those days. And on a day like today there was no better place to eat breakfast than Dove Vivi, where we were even able to feast on some bacon and eggs courtesy of the return of the "B.E.A.T." pizza special (Bacon, Egg, Arugula, and Tomato.

To our friends at Dove Vivi: Thanks for breakfast. It is no wonder that most of our "date nights" are spent with you. We feel so grateful having the opportunity to nourish ourselves within your walls.


Anonymous said...

B.E.A.T. sounds perfect.

Tim D. Roth said...

Holy crap. Kyle is visionary. Now if he only would deliver to SW...