Heads Up

Our most recent egg sandwich special, and a permanent addition to the "secret menu," The Fabiola: fried egg, house chorizo, white cheddar, and avocado on grilled ciabatta

This is a public service announcement to remind y'all that pending some sort of last minute miracle, we're down to the final month in this chapter of the LRBC saga. Given the impending closure, we will likely be forced to close the kitchen about a week before we shut the door to 4823 N. Lombard Street for the last time. Otherwise we're sure to find ourselves knee deep in caramelized onions, pasilla aioli, and the like come clean up time. So be sure to stop by when you can. We'll be there.

Same bike time. Same bike channel.

On a side note, we just got to say, "Here's to you North Portland." Just when we thought we couldn't be more madly in love, you always seem to find a way to pull us in deeper. Thank you for the memories. Let's keep making new ones while we still can.


Dan said...

I flew 3000 miles and took 3 buses so that I could eat your sandwiches and drink your coffee. A worthy pilgrimage if there ever was one. You guys are awesome!

stumpette said...

have you guys found a new spot? i heard that the Village Ballroom at 700 NE Dekum is up for lease in June. i haven't seen it myself, but rumor is that its a great place for a breakfast cafe.

whimsy2 said...

That Fabiola sounds fabulous. How can I make sure it'll be there when I make an across-town trip to try it? Advance notice? Please! I definitely need to do it before I go out of town on 6/6 because when I return you'll be gone (sob).

Unknown said...

So, are you going to open someplace else? Publish a cook book? What am I to do?

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Shannon from Edmonton, Alberta (we emailed about 6 months ago about my intentions to open a place). Just wanted to let you know that I visited the cafe this morning and loved it. Sorry you have to close. All the best in the future. I hope you maintain this blog so that we can follow the developments...

Anonymous said...

Where are you going to relocate? "Not reopening at all" is not an option - please! (Regards from a New Yorker eagerly awaiting her next PDX trip...)

milagrospdx said...

Hey Little Red Bike Cafe,

We would love to have you join us in our next of the woods. A vacancy just opened at 30th & Killingworth next to the bike corral.

There is also a vacant cafe spot a little north of us at 30th & Ainsworth.

We are happy to sit down with you an chat about our business area to help you consider it. Just drop us a line - milagros@milagrosboutique.com

All the best,

Tony and Jennifer Fuentes