A Night Off

It has confirmed by many that we have ALL been very busy. In other words, everyone's plate has been FULL. Morethanfull.

It has been confirmed by some that this may or may not have something to do with Mercury being in retrograde (I'll leave that up to you).

Regardless, it was Joel of Courier Coffee who came up with the idea; the idea to invite a bunch of industry people together for a dinner party at his house and challenge them to not discuss work for the entire night. He taunted us with the idea of kicking off our shoes, relaxing by candlelight and vinyl, and toasting to the opportunity of sharing a meal with one another. The understanding being that we don't devote enough time to doing these sorts of things normally for one reason or another.

It was a random Tuesday evening. We ate snap peas and radishes dipped in sundried tomato pesto; bolognese and mushrooms; white asparagus on green asparagus soup served in quaint coffee cups. Dinner was served at 10:00pm and invitees included a Boston terrier named Rufus who sported nothing less than a technicolor jacket.

I, for one, was guilty of breaking the golden rule, and found myself discussing work on more than one occasion. But amongst this group, the talk wasn't serious or heavy. Rather, we were all happily acknowledging the opportunity to get away from our establishments and grateful for our friend who brought us together for an evening of escape. Times like these is when I am able to confirm the fact that yes, I am human, and yes, my life is greatly enriched by the knowledge, humor, and company of others. This is a good reminder to have in this business, where all too often you can get caught up in the unimportant things.

So "Hear! Hear!" to Joel Domreis for making it happen. And by "it" we mean ALL of it. Best of luck Sir in your future endeavours. We're eagerly anticipating future developments in both our social and professional relationships. Thanks for reminding us that they are equally important and NOT mutually exclusive.

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Unknown said...

Leala Humbert, of Cacao,and Fenoi, was in the kitchen that night. She is in love with food, and was the shining star of that nights dinner. Cooking for 40 as well, she was in the kitchen the entire dinner. Her chocolate dessert was super delicious.