We May Have a Winner

Over the past five months we have consumed approximately eighteen burgers. Between the two of us, that is to say. Which I somehow feel is better than eating thirty-six (that would be the former vegetarian in me speaking--while the former vegan in me is cussing us both out for being so "fucking naive and hypocritical").

The reason why I'm bringing this up is because today we happened to consume one of the best burgers to date. This burger is memorable. The marriage of flavors between the juicy Highland Oak beef patty, provolone cheese, thyme-vinegar red onions and house-made black pepper aioli is what turned this date into more than a one night stand.

It didn't hurt that Kevin was manning the grill this afternoon. Kevin serves up Italian street food with a NW spin, and in-between the hail storm, sunshine, slosh, and rainbow spun, cloud-flooded skies today, we got to hear about the success of the Mississippi cart, sample some new cheese puffs in the works (because he just "had to do something with all of those egg whites left over from making the aiolis from scratch"), and even got to schemeing about possible future collaborations together.

Ahh, to be a North Portlander and soon-to-be-unemployed. This should get interesting.

Back to the burger at Garden State. Kevin served it up in a basket with a little house-made giardiniera, or Italian pickles. Just as we sat to eat we were graced by the one and only Kyle "Hustle" Simmons, who happened to be breezing through the Mississippi Marketplace on his way home from sampling 'spro and visiting friends at Public Domain and going to class at PSU. Kyle decided to stay and catch a bite with us, and we were able to provide him with a little shelter from the storm by giving him a ride back home during the storm.

The combination of food, the presence of our friend, and the whirlwind Portland springtime weather rocked our afternoon, assuring us that we were at the right place at precisely the right time.

To those of you who have been on a burger-quest of your own (and I know you're out there; I've met you and/or read about you): Try this burger. It's worth every magical bite.

Garden State Food Cart
4237 N. Mississippi and Skidmore
Portland, OR 97217
Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-7pm; Sunday, 12-5pm

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I concur that it is the best burger in town. You can also find their cart in Sellwood as well. Serving the same delicious food there as well.