A Blur

Its been a very fast paced three days since Ali and I decided to finally open the door to our little cafe. We have had the great fortune of steadily receiving more and more customers each day, which has made for a pleasant way to break in our kitchen and ourselves. Support from friends and family has been overwhelming, and we thank each and every one of you for coming to see/help us at the space. Equally as encouraging has been the opportunity we have had to meet so many people from our neighborhood who have welcomed the addition of our new cafe. Thanks to Joel for being such a rock star and spending so much time at cafe the past couple days, training employees, entertaining customers, and making sure the coffee is tasting so good (which it most certainly is).
We shall definitely make sure to post the menu on the blog in the coming days. And we do apologize for the lack of food pictures...luckily, you all have kept us busy enough that we don't have time to stop and shoot (thank you).
Our bodies may be tired, but we are as excited as ever to finally be doing what we have wanted to do for the past two years and more. We'll try to elaborate more fully once we get a second to stop and catch our breath.


Unknown said...


We came by today for some lunch. We were the young asian couple that you thought left money on the counter by accident! :)

We liked everything we ordered from you guys, and liked the ambiance. We live nearby and next time we come by, we will ride our bikes! I even have a red one.

BTW, we found you guys from a posting on extramsg.com


Anonymous said...

OMG! You weren't kidding! Look at that little pony! So awesome. Nice work. It was delicious stopping by today. See you again soon.

Ali and Evan said...

Dear palladian,
Welcome to Portland...we know you have been living here for more than a year, but we wanted to welcome you to our home city. We look forward to getting a chance to meet you both.

Ali and Evan said...

Dear catherine,
Likewise! Can't wait to get a chance to visit with you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog via portlandfood.org - we live in the neighborhood and are so excited to come by!!! See you soon!