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Presenting all the Little Red Bike news that fit (or not fit) to Print:

Wow. You guys are amazing. Not only do ya'll seem to like food (more specifically our food- ahem, insert we are most humbled by this occurrence line here)but you seem to like to talk about it. In fact, it appears to us that you're nothing but a bunch of food lovin' gossipers. You see, thanks to you someone told someone who contacted someone else regarding the need for some ice cream, who then called their sister-in-law, who later called us to finally ask: would it be possible to churn up eight gallons of high quality, seasonally inspired, organically focused ice cream for a fundraiser for the Odyssey Montessori School in SW Portland? Oh, and did I mention by Sunday? First of all, bless your dear little hearts, Readers and Little Red Bike Supporters. Thank you for over-indulging us by spreading the word and by making our job so easy. If you keep it up we're going to have to be paying all of you advertising commission.

And second of all, would it be possible for us to churn up eight gallons (the largest batch of Little Red Bike Ice Cream produced to date) for a school ice cream social? Hell f'in yeah it would be possible. Who doesn't love a good ice cream social? Certainly not the Little Red Bike Cafe. We live for ice cream socials which brings me to my second news tidbit, containing the following headline: "Little Red Bike Announces Grand Opening." Yep, that's right. We're finally ready to "officially" open the doors. Which means yes, all of you have been our guinea pigs for test runs leading up to this point. We apologize for any misleading, and please know we do not normally condone animal testing of any sort. We are planning on a September 29th Ice Cream Social (secretly, albeit "technically" known as a "Grand Opening Party.") Aside from a shameless desire to churn up as many wacky, wild and delicious ice cream flavors possible, this party will also benefit an excellent cause. SRTS, otherwise known as Safe Routes To School developed a mission to serve a diverse national community of organizations that advocates for and promotes the practice of safe bicycling and walking to and from schools throughout the United States. When thinking of our grand opening we knew we wanted to create an event that acted as more than just a simple meet and greet. Our desire was to initially hold some sort of fundraiser for one of our local schools but then the SRTS program was brought up to us by our friend, Tracy. You see, Tracy, proprietor of Trixie's Beauty Bar and all around beauty-goddess, kinda, sorta, knows um EVERYBODY and she was the one who informed us that Robert, one of our regulars, is a founder of the SRTS national partnership. Turns out that the brand new Safe Routes program at Portsmouth could use some money to help kids learn bike safety & how to safely walk & bike to school. So we are teaming up with Tracy and the rest of the beauty bar divas to help promote this totally worthy and awesome program. As the date approaches look for more details but know this: we will be churning up some awesome ice cream flavors to provide you with all of the shakes, malts, floats, and sundaes you can dream up, as well as creating some special "back-to-school" inspired ice cream sandwiches for the event. We hope you come and join us Saturday, September 29th and help put the FUN back in fundraising.

In other news, given we are hoping to have a grand opening and create a somewhat professional appearance (hey- I said somewhat) it is probably a good thing that we got our sign installed today. Hooray! Initially we were thinking the red bike on the roof might be enough but we finally gave in and opted to have a sign installed. And look how pretty it is. Now there should be NO excuses about not being able to find us, (are you listening delivery drivers?). So please come down and check it out- feel free to compliment, praise, and congratulate. All forms of kudos are accepted here at Little Red Bike.

Also, let's not forget- let's NOT forget that tomorrow is Dairy Free Friday! Which means we will be churning up one special dairy-free flavor in honor of those lactose resistant folks out there. Tomorrow's special vegan flavor? Coconut Rum-Raisin. Come and get it! And yes, we still do have "regular" (whatever that means) ice cream flavors to serve as well including: Sweet Corn, Malted Milk with Chocolate Malt Balls, Sweet Cream w/ Oregon Marionberry Swirl, and Roasted Brown Sugar Banana.

Last on the news tip is the occurrence of weekend specials. Yes: this is happening. I don't know how but it is. Last weekend we dazzled you with a special fried-egg sammie: Fried-egg w/ gorgonzola, homemade organic pear butter, on Fleur de Lis ciabatta with optional bacon/veggie bacon. This weekend we're taking it to a whole new level. Ya'll are lucky my mom feels like cooking 'cause she's coming in Saturday morning as special guest chef and whipping up two versions of her famous biscuits and gravy. We will be featuring one meat and one veggie option and I dare you to pick a favorite among the two. This lady can coooooook so get ready for a real treat. So plan on breakfast on Saturday if you're the savory type.

Sunday we're switching gears from savory to sweet and asking mom to take a back seat (sorry, Mom) to one of our specialties: bread pudding. For those of you who have followed our booth from the Portland Farmers Market to the Cafe, we are happy to announce we are bringing back the specialty bread puddings with vengeance. Sunday's delight will be....drum roll please...I said, DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Croissant French Toast Bread Pudding with Orange Infused Maple Syrup. For those of you who are unaware of our bread puddings the time is now. Get in the know, what are you waiting for? Oh wait, that's right. You're waiting for Sunday.

This weekend you may also expect some sort of distinct lemonade flavor (I'm kinda leaning towards pomegranate right now but don't be mad if it's something else once you show up) as well as some good ole' fashioned homemade sipping chocolate. That's right, I said sipping chocolate. This ain't no hot chocolate. This is a 4oz. shot of pure cacao love whose motto is, "Sip slowly and savor."

Okay, that's all the news from us, can't wait to hear all about your guy's news, weekend plans, etc. But until then, time for sleepy.


Anonymous said...

Evan and Ali,
A big congratulations on opening your new restaurant. It looks amazing. Your place reminds me of the restaurants we loved so much in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. Bravo to you!
Marc (and Pam and kids) in Chapel Hill, NC

Unknown said...

The pressure is on - hope I can live up to the hype. Thanks for the vote of confidence. XXOO

Metolius Mark * Student of...Everything said...

The bread puddings are coming back? Far-Friggin'-Out! You guys gave us such killer flavors of sweet and savory B-Puddin's I know the LRBC fans will love them.

ChuckyLuv said...

A friend of ours found the link to you guys online & your foray into homemade ice cream. gMap tells us it's a five mile bike ride from where we are in NE to NoPo where you are but we are SO there once we can strap the kids into the trailer. Nice names on the menu. The Zoobomb... nicely done.