A lot of people have inquired as to the status of the "bike-thru" window:

What is it?
"Basically its a way for us to stay open while we are trying to close"

I don't own a bike. Is this a problem?
"No, you don't have to ride your bike to use the window" (but we sure wouldn't mind if you do)

What time does the window open?
"The window opens when we close, which is around 2 o'clock. We close the window when we leave, a little before 5pm- later if there's just cause"

What can I get at the window?
"Via the window we serve Courier coffee and espresso and other beverages, homemade ice cream, and grilled cheese sandwiches"

What's the point of the bike thru window? What are you trying to prove?
"To that we say, take a look at these mugs:"

These two came thru the bike-thru this afternoon (for Oreo shakes) and helped start what should be a memorable weekend in the history of the LRBC.

Saturday's muse:
The Man...Grant.
Turn-Ons...Driving jet boats, bbq, crushing grapes between his toes
Special Talents...Timeless one-man performance art pieces such as the infamous, "Attack of the Flashlight"
Influences...Chuck Norris

In celebration of our dear friend's recent return to the Pacific Northwest we decided to make an honorary breakfast sandwich just for him: Introducing this Saturday...The Steak n' Egg Sandwich otherwise known as The Grant-e-o:

Grilled flank steak, fried egg, caramelized onion and swiss cheese on a Fleur de Lis ciabatta.
OR make it a Bacon-Wrapped Fillet Egg Sandwich by adding bacon for a buck. Things may get messy. Take this as your warning...

Oh, and last but not least we're bringing on a lunch special...Egg Salad Moo's Way:

Cruelty Free- Egg Salad (btw ALL of our eggs come from cage-free, hormone & antibiotic free, vegetarian fed chickens) with Bacon, Lettuce & Bleu Cheese on Multi-Grain Bread.

Stop in tomorrow or check back via the blog to see what we got cookin' for Sunday...

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Unknown said...

High 5's LRBC team leaders - well done. May "the force continue to be with you."