Oliver's Chair

We bought this sweet little chair back in early August. At the time it was difficult for me to picture what it would be like to have actual customers in our cafe, let alone customers who might be able to fit into a chair of this size. "Will we really even need such a chair?", I asked. "We'll at least need it for Oliver eventually," Ali reminded me. I grabbed the chair and put it in our shopping cart.
Today Oliver was born.
Congratulations Erin and Lane, and Happy Birthday to Oliver!

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Adrian Hinckley MLS# 264845 said...

So not only are you two good samaritans but it seems like you have opened the doors to a cafe that is going to do extremely freakin well!! I'm the guy with a belly full of burrito and an alternator that doesnt alternate. Thanks for the ride to Auto Zone last night, I wouldn't have made it on time if you werent there to help. I have been on your website and blog, now I'm looking for the next opportunity to stop by The Little Red Bike. CONGRATS and thanks again!