1st Annual Portland Sunday Parkways

Just a preview of what to expect today...

Portland Sunday Parkways? Count us in! We'll be located in Unthank Park dishing out $1 (that's right, I said $1.) scoops of some of our latest frozen concoctions, slinging fresh mint-lemonade and ice-cold tea.

Today's Line-Up From L to R:
Burnt Orange Blossom Honey
We cooked down orange blossom honey until it's color just began to darken and the honey began to caramelize. We then added our mixture to a vanilla sweet cream base and voile! We had ice cream. Okay, so it was slightly more complicated than that but we've been reaping the rewards ever since. Now it's time to share...

Hood Strawberry-Sour Cream Ice Cream
Sweet from fresh local strawberries, tangy from organic sour cream , and definitively a classic Oregon treat

Salted Caramel with Candied Bacon Bits
We used a combination of sel gris and coarsely ground fleur de sel to salt this newest edition to the LRBC repertoire. Applewood smoked bacon slowly candied in raw sugar was added to the ice cream during the last minutes of churning

We first relied on coconut milk for our base and then added pink grapefruit zest in order to create a delicately refreshing coconut custard. Avocado was added later to enhance the richness and of course add that beautiful green shade. The end result is an ice cream that is satisfyingly unique and creamy and yet totally vegan.

Chocolate Pudding
This ice cream fancies itself as an LRBC staple. There really is nothing quite like it. The pudding descriptor originates from the fact that this ice cream is so rich and thick the only way to describe it is like frozen chocolate pudding. If only it wouldn't met in your lunch box....

Peanut Butter-Banana Sandwich
Peanut-Butter-Banana ice cream swirled with caramelized bananas and bits of buttered toast. No joke here People, you read it right.

Dulce de Leche
If you've never tried this ice cream before or the "milk candy" (quite literally) by itself, this milk caramel ice cream is a good start. In fact, we think it's a sure bet to win you over

Fresh Cherry Sorbet
The taste of a fresh and perfectly ripe cherry captured in a beautifully hued sorbet. And the best part? No pit!!!

Whew! We haven't made this much ice cream since our grand opening so you know this has got to be one special event!!! We're putting the "Thank" back in "Unthank"* this Sunday and we'd love for you to join us. Grab your bike, grab or kids (or both) and come check out this internationally celebrated event. We think it's so cool that the city is helping put this on and we're just happy to be a part (albeit it small) of it. Think about it: No cars! No buses! Just a six mile loop around North Portland's (whoop! whoop!) coolest parks where you can feel free to roam free without the fear of city traffic. Oh yeah, the extra bonus: music, games, food, friends and other goodies await you.

Unthank Park
510 North Shaver
Portland, OR 97217

*Please keep in mind that the park's name comes from Dr. Denorval Unthank, a local civil-rights advocate and a highly respected community member who at one-time was Portland’s only black medical practitioner; and therefore nothing "ungracious" should be deemed about it. I was merely trying to be clever.


Anonymous said...

We're touring Crater Lake today . . . but we're sad to miss Sunday Parkways. And all that ice cream! Wow, guys! You've been busy!

Have a ton of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Alas, sold out when we got there :-(

npGREENWAY said...

Wow am I disappointed we didn't make it all the way over to Unthank Park! Maybe next time you can be closer to home over near the bluff on Willamette or something? :)