Wedding Vendor #3

(image/design courtesy of and solely belongs to: KeeganMeegan Inc.)

Now that most of the invitations have been sent out and I know I'm unlikely to ruin the surprise impact of our wedding invites, I feel comfortable enough to let you in on our little secret, our secret weapon if you will.

I can't say enough good things about Keegan and Katy, the masterminds behind Portland's own KeeganMegan Press and Bindery. Keegan and Katy do everything from designing and pressing out business cards for super rad people, valentines for lucky strangers, and screen printing for awesome mutual friends, or as they like to put it, "one-of-a-kind collaboration for all occasions." They're certified whiz kids, (okay, so they're not kids but the title does have a nice ring to it) and we feel so fortunate that we convinced them to be crazy enough to take a stab at wedding suites.

We were fortunate enough to meet Keegan through our beloved mutual friend, Alice. Through Keegan we met Katy, the other half of this crafty duo and we were soon head over heels. I think one of the reasons why we fell in love with them so promptly was the recognition of the teamwork and effort they put forth in creating and executing their business. It all felt very familiar if you know what I mean.

Upon first examination, Evan and I were overwhelmingly intimidated by the thought of wedding invitations. NONE of the ones we'd seen out there seemed personal enough to capture who we were nor were they able to reflect the type of event we were hoping to celebrate. The pukey language, the generic card-stock, the too-obvious designs. Blah, blah, and more blah. It was clear that we'd have to forgo the traditional route but we were haunted by the idea of having to design or create something by ourselves. Enter: Keegan. Aha! We also wanted beautiful paper and letterpress really was our favorite method of printing. Enter: Katy. Double aha! Working with them was nothing short of a dream. We'd catch coffee or breakfast and look over ink color, paper feel, and envelopes. We threw out some ideas (i.e. the pug you see pictured) but pretty much left the rest up to them. All we had to do was hand over some pictures of our dog, the farm property where we're to be wed, and our vast photo-strip collection. We honestly weren't sure what to expect given that wedding stuff in general wasn't really their thing but I have to say, Katy and Keegan *really,* *truly* lived up to the hype and delivered the most awesome outcome. We received beautiful, custom designed letterpress invitations, itineraries, maps, rsvps, programs, and envelopes through these lovely saints and the calls/reactions have not stopped coming in. "BEST WEDDING INVITES EVER!" is the most common response. I don't feel weird about telling all of you this because I know that it has nothing to do with us and that all credit should be delivered to the people behind the curtain, KeeganMeegan. So, without further ado, it is my absolute pleasure to reveal to you our wedding suite...
Front of Invitation
Back of Invitation
Itinerary with perforated RSVP Postcard
(That's right, a perforated post card, People. Damn! I said they were good)

Basket Full of soon-to-be-revealed Wedding Programs
(Lovingly adorned with a hand-tied ribbon courtesy of my mama, I love you and thank you)

So a huge shout out, and big ups must positively go out to our beloved friends Keegan and Katy for teaching us that there is a hell of a lot more to paper than just paper. Your artwork and effort created *truly* sentimental memorabilia for E and me and I cannot thank you enough for playing such a big role in making this wedding so special to us. We are beyond pleased with the final result, we feel blessed to call you friends, and we can't wait to get down and shake our booties together at our forthcoming nuptials. XO 4-eva XO


Unknown said...

Congrats! Those are beautiful.
Unrelated, but is LRBC going to be open Sunday when you have a cart at Sunday Parkways?

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Love love love these invitations!

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y'all are the cutest thing ever...