The Aftermath...

Evan waving from our booth this morning at Unthank Park

Now this is how the LRBC does a booth. I laughed when Evan told me how others marveled at his skills of setting up the "easy-up" (the 10x10 tent you see pictured above) by himself. Turns out our days at the Portland Farmers Market were actually just prep for Sunday Parkways. Hopefully this is only the beginning of Sunday Parkways in Portland. It was a great event and we were so pleased to be a part of it. In the end we sold out of all of our ice cream, all of Greg's cinnamon rolls and croissants, and a whole bunch of Morgan's cookies. And for those of you who were sneaky enough to find out about the cafe's "secret" hours today, congratulations. Those who traversed to the cafe even though we told them we were closed, were offered a streamlined "egg sandwich only" menu and French press Courier Coffee. Chris, Dekin, and Julia did a great job keeping y'all fed and caffeinated via the "Bike-thru," and we thank them very, very much for holding the fort down while "Mom and Dad" were away. XO

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p said...

That orange-blossom honey ice cream was amazing! My wife and I were so glad we could finally get to try your ice cream - the last time we biked out to your NoPo outpost, you were all out.

What kind of ice cream maker do you guys use at home? Ours just burned out and we'd like to get a better one.

(BTW, my wife loved your tattoos, Ali. She wants some wooden spoons now.)