Up Close and Personal

Kenya Gethumbwini Peaberry (May Arrival)

While the continual cloudiness doesn't help to enhance the quality of our photos, I am still excited about the potential of this newest project: a coffee photo journal. Inspired by a snapshot I saw on Sweet Maria's Flickr page, I whipped out the old macro lens and snapped a few pictures of one of Joel's newest coffees. The above coffee is from the Gethumbwini coffee farm, which I believe is located somewhere in the Thika District of south-central Kenya. While this isn't the first Gethumbwini peaberry that CCR has offered, it certainly is one to be remembered, and an exciting intro to the 2008 North African coffee harvest. This coffee is just downright delicious, and it really doesn't seem to matter if it is one day out of roast, or five.
Also, we are still French pressing all of our drip coffee. Perhaps our coffee machine's breakdown really was a blessing in disguise after all. Come on down to the shop, drink a cup, and see for yourself what all this hype is about.

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