Recapping in a NY Minute

Highlights include but are not limited to:

  • The best damn lentil salad I've had in years--scratch that--in my life
At Public, apparently really excited about the salad at that very moment
  • The Eggs Florentine from brunch at Pastis
  • Meeting Matilda, my niece
  • Fantastically timeless design
  • Seeing my name in print

  • Getting to be just one of the girls
Burnt Honey Custard with Chocolate Toffee & Bananas
  • Making it clear once again that girls really do just wanna have fun
Endless gratitude to all who were there to celebrate with me, and to all who made it happen for me. Cheers, I really needed that. XO


AnnMarie said...

oh my god that coffee is so flippin' cute! the puppy ain't so bad either.

Anonymous said...

Is your taste memory good enough to try to duplicate that yummy lentil salad at LRB? I'd love to try it but there's no way I can get to NYC, no way a-tall.

Anonymous said...

I was so moved by the description of that lentil salad that I did sort of make it last night and it was DEE-licious. I included the toasted pecans, herbs and avocado in my version, but had no green beans or pomegranate so threw in some currants. Yum. I used peppery french green lentils.
Try it!