What's For Dinner...

What Follows After the Taco Course

This "What's For Dinner" is sort of more like "What's For Dessert." The problem is that for the last few days our "dinners" have been made up of the following: marcona almonds, string cheese, animal crackers, oatmeal raisin cookies, grapefruit juice and jerky.

After what was a very long day we decided to treat ourselves by getting a real meal. We quickly found ourselves rocking early-evening sunglasses and sporting flip-flops and shorts completely comfortably at our new favorite truck in the 'hood La Chiquita. Right then and there everything just sort of clicked. It was warm outside. We were inexplicably serene after what had been a somewhat hellish day. Suddenly I was pondering a new book to read, and the livelihood of homegrown tomato plants and reminiscing over plum and peach pie sealed with almond paste. Something felt different. Ahh, yes. There it is; Summer has arrived. And we had made our way to our "new spot."

We had heard good things from numerous friends about this local taco truck on Interstate and Killingsworth, "behind the 76 station" (particularly regarding their avocado sauce) and we are just now beginning to discover the beauty of this place. Go-There-Now. Well, you can't actually because they close at 6:00pm but it's worth your while to make the trip on the earlier side. And yes, their homemade salsa verde and avocado sauce are completely insane. This evening we gorged ourselves with two tacos and two burritos, and managed to do so before a click of the camera could catch a frame.
So to sum it all up we ate too fast to document dinner but tonight's dessert was well worth a glimpse. That is,

Organic Cottage Cheese, Oregon Strawberries and Oregon Blackberry Honey

Dear Summer,
Thank you for returning. With all of those cloudy days and misty mornings you almost had us all fooled. Why don't you stay awhile this time?
Ali and Evan

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